Melissa Pritchard

Supporting you to grow your business

Online Business Management

Why an OBM?

You need an Online Business Manager to work alongside you when you...

…want more organisation in your organisation

…are ready to grow your business but lack time for growth activities

…know it’s time to step away from all the day-to-day tasks taking over your desk

…have projects that you just don’t have the time to implement and manage

Imagine Your World In Balance

We build a tailored support service for your business together, starting from $2,000 per month.  Some of the areas I can help you with:


* Managing the day-to-day implementation of your marketing strategy
* Review and manage website content updates
* Manage your subscriber lists and online publications
* Event management


* Overview of your customer service
* Keeping the team motivated in their work
* Support team members
* Follow-up with affiliates and joint venture partners


* Review/create and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
* Business automation tools, including online project management
* Following-up to ensure “stuff gets done” on time
* Keeping track of key statistics for the business

Free Up Your Time

* Reviewing where you spend your time
* Advise how to increase your available time
* Support your revenue generating new ideas
* Help you to ‘let go’ of tasks others can do

My Skills and Strengths

Project Management
Operations, Systems and Procedures Analysis
Broad range of transferrable business skills
The ability to provide practical solutions and support
The art of listening and reading between the lines

Meet Melissa

    Leaving the corporate world to take on the biggest vocation of my life – grow and keep tiny new humans alive, eek! – I turned to home-based direct selling businesses to create a work/life balance. In running my own businesses the frustrations were many, the experiences stimulating, the people inspiring and the upskilling invaluable. The work/life balance has been a blessing and one I wished to maintain when the desire to return to my corporate born talents stirred strong.

    I’m passionate about helping others find their own sustaining work/life balance. Too many small business owners juggle too many tasks at the expense of their sanity, their family time and feeling the “it’s not fun anymore” blues. It doesn’t have to be like that with the right support in place.

    I work with you to achieve that for you. I can help you in whatever way you need – to plan, to implement and the long term operations – the degree of my input is based upon your needs.


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